It is no surprise that the flamboyant Advocate General of Goa Atmaram Nadkarni has mischievously tried to mislead the public about his appointment as Chairman of Bar Council of Maharashtra & Goa. The masked and misleading news was reportedly circulated to the press yesterday by Atmaram Nadkarni through his press note circulated by his Public relations agent Kedar Dhume.

It has been sought to falsely project that Atmaram Nadkarni’s appointment as Chairman of the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa is a rare distinction conferred on a Goan having regard to his Professional Standing. This is absolutely false and a shocking lie.

What Atmaram Nadkarni is infact heading is just a four member temporary Special Committee till the elections of the Bar Council are held within six months. This transitory Special Committee had to be appointed by the Bar Council of India in exercise of its powers under Section 8 (A) of the Advocate s Act 1961 as the term of the existing committee of the Bar Council of Maharashtra & Goa came to an end on 1st December. In terms of the Advocates Act the Advocate Generals of Maharashtra and Goa are ex-officio members of this four member Special transient committee and Atmaram Nadkarni being Senior to the recently appointed Advocate General of Maharashtra Shreehari Aney is Chairing this temporary Special Committee. And he had to be selected on account of his seniority, the seniority between the two AGs – of Maharashtra and Goa. The other two advocates on this four member temporary Special Committee are Jayant Jaibhave and Ashish Deshmukh.

In short, the mantle has been cast on Atmaram Nadkarni not because of his professional standing but by mere default.

The appointment of Atmaram Nadkarni on this temporary Special Committee is not on merit but just because he happens to be the Advocate General. That by his sheer dubious conduct and established greed for wealth he has proved to be Goa’s worst Advocate General ever is another issue. History will speak for itself.


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