The three member Goa Human Rights Commission (GHRC) headed by Justice P.K.Misra and comprising of retired District Judge A.D. Salkar and Mr. J.A.Keny has asked the Goa Government to provide food and toilet facilities to the police personnel posted on duty during the sessions of the Goa Legislative Assembly.

In its Inquiry report on the complaint filed over the ill treatment of Police Personnel, the Commission has observed that police personnel are human beings and are entitled to be so treated. The Commission has now fixed the matter on 3rd February 2016 for the compliance report of the Government.

The Commission in its report has also observed that not providing meals, drinking water and toilet facilities to the police personnel posted for long hours during the Assembly Sessions is a clear infringement of Article 21 of the Constitution of India and also amounts to violation of their basic Human rights.

Expressing hope that meals would be provided meticulously to the police personnel posted for duty during the Assembly Sessions, the Commission in its report has stated that the toilet facilities currently provided are not at all sufficient and has sought that adequate number of mobile toilets be provided at appropriate places to meet the basic requirement of toilet facility for the staff posted during sessions of the Legislative Assembly.

In a complaint to the Goa Human Rights Commission on July 27th this year pointed out was the very disturbing fact that inhuman treatment was being meted out to the police personnel posted for duty around  during the Sessions of the Goa Legislative assembly by not providing them food and toilet facilities.

As the treatment being meted out was a serious and gross violation of the Human rights of the police staff it was sought that the government be directed to explain this high-handed conduct which amounted to a clear deprivation of Human Rights of the police personnel.

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