As our Chief Justice of India NV Ramana retires on 26th of this month, the Nation remains forever indebted to him for all his arduous efforts in the attempt to regain and restore the much needed independence of the Judiciary.

His three immediate predecessors having taken the Judiciary to a point of disdain by compromising its very sanctity and Sovereignty, Justice Ramana during his 16 months in office has tried his best to realign the wheels of Justice which had gone awfully off track.

As the Custodian of this pillar of hope, Justice Ramana has had an uphill task of battling a government that has been all out to erode judicial values. Justice Ramana has ably taken head on, the powers that be in his noble mission to protect and safeguard our Temples of Justice.

It is imperative that every Judge across the nation dispenses justice without fear. The bedrock of our democracy is the rule of law and a judiciary which is truly independent. A judiciary that is accountable only to the Rule of Law.

Unscrupulous politicians with their own hidden agendas who seek to undermine the rule of law should reflect and act on the wise words of Reuven Rivlin, former President of Israel who said “There is no and there cannot be any situation, in which we don’t respect the law and the judiciary. It is unacceptable to attack the courts; criticism is allowed, but attacks are not. It shakes the basis of our Democracy’’.

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