The least that every Citizen in any country across the world expects is that the Government of the day will leave no stone unturned in fairly and truly endeavouring to provide the people the very basics at affordable rates. Towards achieving this, those in Power must honestly possess a passion to serve with genuine creativity and innovative skills. Only then will they be able to fulfil the aspirations and desires of the people at large.

It is imperative that those in Power must scrupulously and selflessly negotiate every trade deal while ensuring that the end product is always a better deal for the people and not for the rulers. It is improper for those in the corridors of Power to be dodging issues and looking for scapegoats. On vital and crucial issues, it is imperative that advice of Independent experts should be sought and followed.

It is incumbent upon those seated on the Chairs of Power to painstakingly think about the welfare and future of the people while doing everything possible to lessen the Tax burden especially on those struggling to make ends meet. People are entitled to expect everything that was promised and should not be taken for a ride by those in whom they have reposed their trust. Transparency and Accountability are key to Good Governance.

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