The United Kingdom and Portugal are great and beautiful countries. With abundant natural resources and being very progressive in all fields.

However, both these countries, like many other European nations, are currently grappling with the alarming problem of refugees and illegal immigrants. Their governments are facing grave financial implications in dealing with these issues. A very heavy burden indeed. Understandably there is a feeling of disquiet amongst the locals as lawlessness is also raising its ugly head.

The new Portuguese government which assumed office earlier this year is contemplating stern corrective measures while the next UK government which would assume office in less than a month would have to roll up its sleeves and follow suit. In fact these are the issues at the centre of the current vigorous election campaign that the United Kingdom is now witnessing. The UK election campaign is just getting harsher by the day.

Once the electoral dust has settled, come what may, everything possible needs to be done to preserve the natural beauty and peaceful ambience of these fabulous nations in Europe.

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