Around the Globe this year, perhaps we are seeing more voters than ever in the general elections. At least 64 nations besides the European Union are witnessing elections. In fact, almost half the world’s population are voting nationally this year.

With many countries including India having concluded the election process, all eyes now shift to the Parliamentary elections in the United Kingdom to be held on the 4th of July, which ironically is the American Independence day.

The political fever is rising in the United Kingdom and it is expected to get shriller with just under four weeks which will decide who the nation’s next Prime Minister will be. It is interesting to hear these political debates and witness the election campaign.

In the United Kingdom polling day is not a public holiday as polling is from 7am to 10 pm giving every voter time to vote at their convenience. Eve of the Polling day and Counting day too is not a dry day. The counting of votes starts immediately after the polls end and the 650 Members of UK Parliament will be known. On the conclusion of these elections, the world’s focus will shift to the United States of America that goes to the polls on 5th November this year to elect its next President. 2024 has been a leap year and is deciding the political future of so many countries, its leaders and its people.

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