It is very distressing and deeply anguishing to see the very alarming state of the roads in Ribandar. Our roads were already in dire straits when I saw them last two months ago and was hoping that the sad state of affairs would improve. But contrary to hopes and high expectations, the situation has just worsened with the people having to commute on these treacherous roads. Ribandar looks like a war battered zone.

The digging of our roads in Ribandar has been going on for the last three years. Even for the blind eyes, the works are all shoddy and being done in a very haphazard manner, endangering the life and well being of the locals.

With the monsoons fast approaching, it is a matter of grave concern as to what the residents would have to endure if immediate remedial measures are not taken.

Let us all make a  very personal appeal to Goa Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant and our Chief Secretary Punit Goel to please swiftly intervene and alleviate the misery looming large on the  residents of Ribandar. 

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