That Underpass outside the Goa Medical College at Bambolim which is used by a lot of students and public at large is usually always in darkness as the lights there rarely function. Whether the CCTVs installed are functional is another issue.  

Students, ladies and the elderly have to  walk in the dark on that  narrow road as there are no footpaths within the underpass. Besides there is construction debris lying all over  making the place further dangerous. To add to the misery, during the monsoon there is perennial flooding.  

As that entire underpass is very unsafe for the public and children in particular, the authorities need to ensure this full area is lighted properly  and the CCTV is in operation while police patrolling would also ensure safety of the people. There is also a need to maintain cleanliness and sanitation within the underpass.

Let us not wait for some untoward incident to happen. Hopefully there will be some steps taken swiftly to ensure that the Health and Safety of those using that underpass is not compromised.  

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