Despite the Supreme Court and various High Courts having clearly ruled that the legal profession does not involve commercial activity, the Electricity and Water-supply departments have been unlawfully charging a commercial tariff to the offices of Advocates across the State. Furthermore the Municipalities and Panchayats have also been illegally charging Advocates taxes as a commercial premises. All this after the Courts having clearly ruled that the legal profession is a noble profession, and not a business or a trade. 

It would be appropriate if the office of our very proactive Advocate General to clarify the legal position could kindly  issue an office memorandum to the Chief Electrical Engineer, PWD Chief Engineer and the Directors of Municipal Administration and Panchayats so that the offices of the Advocates are not unduly overcharged. Let us hope our various Advocate Associations will also  take steps to highlight and redress this injustice being meted out to Advocates.

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