It was devastating to hear about the recent smothering to death of a little four year old boy allegedly by his own elite mother. Very sadly the little boy who was born around the onset of COVID-19 didn’t live to see the foundations of schooling or to achieve what aspirations life had in store for him.

This innocent boy was unfortunately a victim of a matrimonial dispute between his parents which went awfully sour. When marital disputes cannot be resolved and the marriage salvaged, parting of the ways is the only way forward. And it should be as amicable and dignified as possible. Admittedly this  easier said than done.

The police investigating this murder should inquire why the mother chose Goa as her destination to commit this ghastly and chilling act. Our State is known for its peace, tranquility and as a friendly laid-back haven and a much sought after tourist destination should not be in the news for all the wrong reasons.

May the innocent young boy rest in eternal peace and may those involved come to terms with the reality of their actions. Nothing equates  to the pain of losing an innocent child! 

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