As another year comes to an end it is a time for reflection. 2023 was a year for taking tough decisions including a personal one on the domestic front, which I did very thoughtfully and with an open mind. One must never procrastinate but must confront every challenging situation in life.

To lay to rest that controversy on whether my Birth was registered in Portugal, on 8th May I travelled to Lisbon and after confirmation by the authorities, I decided to opt for a Portuguese Passport and completed all the required formalities in Lisbon in accordance with law. On my return to Goa on 17th June I promptly complied with all the formalities here including the application for OCI. More so as an officer of the Court, it has always been my endeavour to never be in breach of any law.

So, from 2024 I will be functioning from Goa, London, and Lisbon. And now with no Visa requirement hassles it would enable me to travel with ease to various countries and interact with our fellow Goenkars. Blessed to now hopefully be a Global Goan.

2023 gave me time and an opportunity to introspect and ponder on the years gone by. Undoubtedly my outlook to life has now drastically changed, hopefully for the better, calm and composed. Reflecting on the past, I now feel I could have handled some issues and situations differently but always without fear or favour. It has been my decision to now tread the path of life confidently with an unwavering Positive Mental Attitude.

Speaking and writing less while thinking more is going to be my way Forward. And as always living life to the full, while enjoying every bit of it with care and compassion to all.

May the New Year be the canvas upon which you paint your dreams. Wishing you all a masterpiece in 2024 and may the New Year bring joy, peace, happiness to you and your loved ones.

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