For the sake of the health and well-being of the people the authorities must ensure that our parks and public gardens are in good shape. Everything possible must be done for the regular and proper upkeep of existing parks with appropriate flora, fauna, and facilities to benefit all like with park benches and conveniences before venturing into new ones.

Our gardens and parks are the lungs of our neighbourhood. So it’s unfortunate to see some of them in a despicable state. A glaring example is the children’s park at Caranzalem on the Miramar-Dona Paula Road which was inaugurated some years ago amidst much fanfare. A very useful park used and much appreciated by all is today in a very pathetic state. Infact in an extremely pitiable condition. One fails to understand how such a marvellous park today has been reduced to a haunted place. After launching any infrastructure the authorities cannot fail to maintain and improve it.

Neglected parks and gardens are an injustice to young children. It would be ideal if every school had a children’s park for the benefit of the students, to boost their health, teamwork, friendship, and interactions with each other besides recreational activities. Above all, restoring and increasing our gardens and parks will help mitigate the ever increasing environmental concerns.

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