It is so very disturbing to see certain persons commenting adversely about me wishing in good faith a long-standing friend, the Loutolim MLA Alexio Sequeira on being sworn in as a Cabinet Minister.

I only hope that a personal greeting to a dear friend is not misconstrued for something else. Alexio has been a dear friend for many decades, and I don’t recollect having ever visited his office while he was a Minister earlier. He would vouch that I have never ever requested him for a favour while he was a Minister and more importantly for an illegal one.

Over the last five decades, it has been my rare privilege to deal with every government office across the length and breadth of Goa and in doing so, I am so very humbled that God gave me all that strength to respect every Soul in that office from the Sweeper, Peon and right to the Director.

My other rare privilege in life is that I have been blessed to have caring and concerned friends in all Political parties including the ones that have mushroomed in the last few years. I have always risen above politics and have never been afraid of speaking my mind on what is right and wrong without favour or fear. All through these years, I took a conscientious decision not to join any political party and possibly that was the right step.

Now coming to my personal greeting to Alexio Sequeira on being sworn in as Minister, I can only hope that my friends and well-wishers realise on the need to look beyond petty politics and put our personal friendships and the person above all else.

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