When our innings in this world ends, we will not be judged by the wealth and property we have amassed but by our acts and deeds, that is why we are encouraged to do good works.  

I have been enormously blessed with an armoury of outstanding friends worldwide. Even our detractors should not be considered our foes as they could awaken us when we err. True friends may sometimes be hard to find because they are rare and one of a kind. They lift you up when no one else has even noticed that you were down.

Making friends is great but keeping in touch with these Soulmates is a bigger challenge. Within our time constraints and with the help of social media, we must endeavour to keep in touch with them because we must care for every friend, and even more be also concerned for those on the other page.

Cultivating friendship may be an easy task but harnessing that bonding and making sure it endures is a bigger challenge. Friendship isn’t always about whom you’ve known the longest. It is about who walked into your life and said, I’m here for you and proved it. A friend in need is truly a friend in deed. While identifying and nurturing friends, age or the social strata should never be a hindrance. It is their experience and wealth of knowledge that helps and guides us.

We live in a tough world where no man is an island. We are dependent on each other and reliant on true friendship to enhance our trust, peace, harmony, and co-operation to safely co-exist with each other.

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