The exasperated residents of Ribandar are understandably fuming over the chaotic digging of the roads. All the internal roads of Ribandar which were recklessly dug up for the laying of the sewerage line continue to be in a very despicable state for almost two years with the health and safety of the people compromised.

Now the move to close for a month the main road along the Old Ribandar Hospital has raised many questions.  The area being densely populated people have apprehensions about the consequences of closing the road. The ambulance will not be able to reach the sick and the fire engine will be unable to deal with any fire that may occur. People are concerned as to how their children would get to school and they would reach their workplace. Incidentally the road that is sought to be dug was recently hot mixed for the G-20 Summit. A criminal waste of public funds. It would have been prudent to first repair the roads that remain dug and precarious for so long.

After seeing the pathetic state of the roads in Ribandar the residents rightly have a trust deficit in the Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Limited which is executing all these Smart City works in an utmost shabby manner. Local MLA Babush Monserrate had rightly vociferously accused that the Smart City works was a mega scam. Our Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant should intervene and order an audit of the Smart City works so that those responsible for all this chaos and mess are held accountable.

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