Sugarcane is indigenous to India and is the main source of sugar, Jaggery (gur), brown sugar (khandsari) molasses, besides, biofuel, fiber, fertilizer, and a myriad of byproducts. India is the world’s largest producer of sugar and the second largest producer of sugarcane in the world. The sugarcane industry is a significant source of employment in India.

It is so very unfortunate that Goa’s only sugarcane factory has been inoperative for some years. It would be beneficial for our Goan sugarcane cultivators, and the economy of our State if the government could take concerted measures to revive this much needed factory instead of burdening our cultivators to take their crop to the neighbouring States. The production of sugar locally would incentivise our growers to grow more and ensure a readily available product with multiple uses, at a favourable price for consumers. The operation of the sugarcane factory when it restarts would have to be restructured and run efficiently as a profitable venture and not as a white elephant.

It is hoped that our Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant will take the necessary steps to ensure that our Sugar Factory is fully restored, updated, and equipped with adequate human and technological resources to take full advantage of a thriving and lucrative national and global sugarcane industry. Let’s enjoy the sweet taste of success from a local thriving sugarcane industry as soon as possible!

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