It was so very devastating to hear about the sudden death of the very famed Margao based renowned writer Valmiki Faleiro.

He was a prolific and famous writer. As a journalist he was well respected for his accuracy and integrity in his reporting by always being non-partisan and fair. Valmiki also had a stint in politics by being the President of the Margao Municipal Council.

He may have ventured in other avenues too but never stopped writing. His writings will remain popular for generations to cherish and enjoy. The unique way in which he scripted what he had to convey using plain and pleasant vocabulary was outstanding as it could be understood by the common man.

Dear Valmiki, bidding you a farewell until we meet in that better world you have departed to. You will continue to inspire and motivate young Goans, especially those who opt to write by using the pen and crafting their words artistically just like the way you always did, truthfully and dutifully. Rest in Peace my dear friend.

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