Universally known as “Man’s Best Friend” a dog has often turned Saviour of many a human! It is no surprise therefore that a canine companion is seen by so many as a loyal soul mate, provider of happiness and joy, and source of good feeling and other health benefits, as shown by some modern medical research. And all this despite the irony of “a dog’s life” that humans generally abhor. 

And now, a new dimension may emerge alongside the string of other positives of the human-dog bond — that of good luck to the underdogs involved in litigations — if we are to take a cue from the Supreme Court’s decision to stay Rahul Gandhi’s conviction in that famed defamation case. Coincidence, or what? 

On his most recent private visit to Goa, Rahul Gandhi returned to Delhi with a Jack Russell Terrier puppy, just the day before the Supreme Court verdict. Jack Russell Terriers are known for their intelligence and keen sense of smell and are a popular choice amongst dog lovers. Could all these attributes of a Jack Russell Terrier pup have rubbed off on to humans and assured Rahul Gandhi of good luck in his tussle at the nation’s highest Court?

In hindsight, and despite my bitter childhood experience of a very nasty Alsatian dog bite, I wonder if cultivating similar feelings for a pet dog might have brought that much-needed luck in my life as well?

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