My visit to Europe was very amazing and a real eye opener. The interaction with my Goan brothers and sisters was so heartwarming. In those few days it gave me an opportunity to meet and converse with my fellow Goans while feeling their pulse and understanding their feelings. The time was so short, but it was my endeavour to meet up and interface with as many people as possible.

While in London and with a desire to spend some time reflecting in the tranquillity and solace of the wilderness, I was very fortunate to spend an entire afternoon at the sprawling Kew Royal Botanic Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the world’s largest collection of living plants. Those hours were mind boggling with every inch of that immaculate garden brimming with a rich diversity of flora and fauna and eco systems from all over the world and infrastructure from incredibly built glass houses to a palace and the palm house.

While I walked through the gardens for several hours, the deep anguish within me was, a question as to why we couldn’t have such a garden set up in our extremely resourceful Goa and why the ones that we inherited are poorly maintained and uncared for. Regrettably, we may never find the answer. What is certain is that Goa needs an innovative, green and educational oasis like Kew Gardens, not more concrete jungle eyesores.May we hope that the resolve of our political leaders who go on trips abroad will be to replicate one spectacular thing they see onto our fertile soil. Let us hope and be optimistic.

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