We all owe it to mother nature to do everything possible in protecting our environment. We all need to do our bit to save our environment from further degradation. The time has come for us all to introspect what we can do individually and as a community to heed Mother Earth’s fervent pleas to mankind seeking that we do what we can to salvage our crumbling environment.

The mushrooming of environmentally incompatible new constructions all over without the much-needed infrastructure has landed Goa in chaos. The real estate developers have swiftly enriched itself multifold while leaving the common man to face the brunt. Sadly, the State has been unable to even provide adequate water and power supply. While there is no proper sewerage system in place, the garbage management has also reached a point of crisis.

The colossal environmental ruin that Goa has been witnessing over the years by way of rampant destruction of hills, fragmentation of pristine vegetated verdant landscapes and ruthless chopping of trees with not even sparing the pouring of concrete in the low-lying fields is finally showing the impact of criminal interference in Goa’s age-old natural ecosystems.

If the authorities do not take urgent corrective, well planned and sustainable measures to save the natural ecosystems, the god gifted landscape, the eco-sensitive beaches, sand dunes, Khazans, wetlands, Salt pans, the last remaining hills and farms, the orchards, rivers, estuaries, lakes, ponds, springs and fountains of Goa for protecting our ecology, we will soon have a major catastrophic disaster.

Goa has been a beautiful accident of history endowed with abundant resources. But regrettably it has reached a point of grave environmental crisis. Now safeguarding our environment should be every citizen’s topmost priority. If we all ensure that the rule of law is strictly enforced, our now sinking Goa could evolve back as a better place.

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