It should be the firm resolve and always the endeavour of the authorities to ensure that no illegal construction is allowed anywhere. It would have been so nice if our villages and cities were all well planned in accordance with the planning rules. Today we find people being inconvenienced due to illegal construction activity mushrooming in their neighbourhood. It would be proper to ensure that all the required infrastructure is in place before allowing new constructions. This would make sure that the residents live in peace without any fights and friction in the neighbourhood.

The authorities should always exercise zero tolerance to any development or construction that does not meet the full planning regulations and once approved, the ongoing development must be inspected to ensure that it is completed to the standards and the approved plan.  

Illegal constructions and those that do not follow the correct planning regulations and standards are clearly counterproductive. They are a health and environmental risk that puts undue pressures on our already poor infrastructure, our roads, our scarce and unreliable water and electricity resources, garbage collection and recycling facilities. They are an eyesore and place a needless burden on the people and the State.

It is about time that the mindset of the authorities is single mindedly geared to ensuring that we only have legal, sustainable development that will benefit present and future generations while all illegalities swiftly face the full force of the law.

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