On 17th July while we observed International Justice Day, it was time to reflect on the fact that even in a small State like our Goa there is a very huge pendency of cases. The whopping number of cases pending across various Courts in the State is a matter of concern. While new cases are adding to this pile up daily, a lot of Senior Citizens are in the queue, while very sadly for many Justice eludes and evades in their life span. 

The fountain of Justice must keep flowing while it dispenses the rule of law to the last person in the queue in a timely and truthful way.

The Judiciary is the common man’s last hope for Justice. It cannot fail to deliver as dispensation of justice is an absolute essential service which has to be provided uninterrupted.

Justice Rajendra Menon, while retiring as the Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court in 2019 had said that until and unless we are able to deliver timely justice to the citizens, the faith in the system may erode and if such a thing happens, it would be a disaster for the democratic system of this country, while expressing concern over the huge dependency of cases and long delays in their disposal.

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