In just over a month, on 14th August we will be all observing the first death anniversary of Ribandar’s dearest Elvis D’Souza whose music spoke volumes. It should be an occasion not to mourn but to celebrate the rich legacy and memories of the kind and gentle Soul and that incredible music that our Elvis always enthralled us with. 

Our Ribandar is well known for its talented and affable artists. In my lifetime it was very sad to see our Ribandar’s two Rockstars depart so very suddenly.

Our very own Selwyn Pereira left us in 2001 soaking us all in grief and last year our so dear Elvis moved to a better world leaving us all dazed with his so sudden and untimely departure.  A void that may never be filled, but in our hearts both our legends will live forever. 

It is said that good music is a piece of Art that goes in the ears and flows straight to the heart and this is what our two Ribandar music stars did!

Plato, the legendary philosopher said Music gives a soul to the Universe, Wings to the Mind, Flight to the Imagination and also Life to that very Imagination. Thank you, dear Elvis and Selwyn, for all that you gave and left us with. 

With their incredible entertaining mission on earth accomplished, God called them home and may they continue to make sweet music in his Eternal Kingdom. Cheers and Rest in Peace our very dear friends! 

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