Panaji MLA Babush Monserrate’s statement that the Panaji Smart City works currently underway are substandard is very belated. An attempt to hoodwink the residents of the capital city who have been bearing the brunt for the last many months. Wasn’t it the very same Babush Monserrate who not very long ago had the audacity to claim that the Smart city works had not inconvenienced the people and it was just a few persons that were making noise. 

The glaring ground reality is that the City of Panaji which includes Ribandar is in a total mess and the inconvenience and risks that people have been suffering for months are rightly even more apprehensive as to what would be the fate of their city once the monsoons set in. Babush’s latest rant of ‘Wait and see what will happen’ is inviting trouble worse than the flooding that submerges Panaji annually.   

Babush Monserrate has a lot to explain as to why he has woken up so late in the day to the reality of this wilfully created chaos. Given his track record of broken promises and U Turns, the people will rightly wonder why at the eleventh hour he has changed his tune and blaming consultants, PWD and other departments. Is it a case that commission has now changed to omission of duty or is he playing politics with other Ministers? Regardless of what the motive is, it is the dereliction of his fundamental duty of care and abdication of his responsibilities as the elected representative of the people that is at the heart of this disaster.  

He should not try to pass the buck but instead should own responsibility for the current disastrous state of Panaji and gracefully resign as his own words and actions prove that he is not fit for the position. This will enable the people of Panaji to elect an honest, knowledgeable, and trustworthy MLA with integrity.

Leaders must always inspire accountability to accept responsibility before they place blame on others. Accountability and self-responsibility are critical to success in professional and public life.  Our Panaji deserves better.

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