A very personal and profound thanks to you all for your kind birthday wishes and your continued blessings as I moved into another year. It made my day.

May I reassure you that as your humble soldier, wherever I may be, the task of serving  mankind is a commitment, which I will carry on till my very last breath. As I tread that path into a new year, with God’s protection, renewed hope and even greater resolve, may the Almighty guide and inspire me at all times.

In those words of Corazon Aquino, widow of assassinated President of the Philippines, who went on to be President herself: “I would rather die a meaningful death than live a meaningless life”. And as the Sufi mystic Kabir said “Jako rakhe Sai, maar sake na koi” (None can harm him who is looked after by higher Powers).

Despite the current grim scenario, I look forward to a new dawn with renewed optimism for a better future and life ahead as the best things are yet to come for our great Nation.  

Adv. Aires Rodrigues

C/G-2, Shopping Complex

Ribandar Retreat

Ribandar – Goa – 403006

Mobile No: 9822684372


You can also reach me on AiresRodrigues



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