We here in Goa have been witnessing in despair crores being squandered by the government on needless functions.

The 6th May pompous Coronation of King Charles at an eye watering cost of approximately 250 million pounds has raised many eyebrows across the world demanding a closer scrutiny. Was such an astronomical expenditure justified in the midst of a long and continuing economic crisis that Britain has been facing with high inflation, unaffordable escalating energy bills, food, fuel prices and hefty mortgage interest rates.

That extravagant ceremony could never be justified particularly at a time with the Government continually claiming that it has no money leading to months of strikes by workers in every field of Britain’s labour force. For the first time tens of thousands of front line caring and dedicated workers are forced to use Foodbanks, charitable institutions and extended family resources to survive.

Isn’t it a massive indictment of the British government that despite so many people in need of help it chose to look the other way.  It is also a sad reflection of how out of touch the Monarchy is, that the coronation of a man worth 1.8 billion would indirectly result in so many people going hungry.    Hardly surprising that it was reported that a lot more people watched the Queen’s coronation in 1953 rather than the coronation of King Charles. The only positive aspect of what many regard was a farce, is that it showed the British at their best at putting on a show of pomp and pageantry, but at what cost? The end certainly did not justify the means!      

It would come as no surprise if Event management honchos from Goa spread their wings across our frontiers staging pompous shows despite the government coffers being empty.

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