When people elect politicians they do so in good faith, in the belief that those elected will serve them with integrity and deliver on the promises they make. What they do not expect is a breakdown in Trust. People rightly demand No Excuses, No Lies and No Broken Promises.  Politicians who break promises must realize that false promises are worse than lies. Because they make others hope, hope for something you’re not sure you can give or have no intention of delivering. Delivery should not be dependent on the roll of a dice.

We have heard enough of ‘Mann ki Baat’, and we would now be content with some of ‘Sacchi Baat’. The political turf must evolve and change for the better. Those in power must govern with sincerity, precision and foresight. Governance must always be with accountability and transparency. The role of those in the Opposition is all the more important as they need to be alert watchdogs to ensure that there is good governance at all times, free from Corruption and Nepotism.

Our politicians would do well to follow Mahatma Gandhi whose commitment was to Truth not consistency of endless broken promises and U-Turns!

Photograph illustrating the concept of broken promises with cracked cement

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