Will Chief Minister Pramod Sawant please enlighten us on what basis he has come to a finding that 90% of the Crimes in Goa are committed by migrant workers?  Does the Goa Police have statistical data to this effect?

The rising Crime in Goa is a matter of concern. No fear of the law is a reason why the State is moving towards lawlessness. The crime levels will only proliferate unless the nexus between politicians and criminals is uprooted. In Goa we have some MLAs and even Ministers with serious criminal cases pending against them. And the Chief Minister will agree that they are not migrants.

In a landmark Judgment the Supreme Court in 2014 observed that criminalization of politics destroyed people’s faith in democracy and persons however high cannot be exempted from the rule of law. It observed that constitutional morality, good governance and constitutional trust expected good sense not to recommend any person with criminal charges from being appointed as a Minister. The Court also said: “A democratic republic polity hopes and aspires to be governed by a Government which is run by elected representatives who do not have any involvement in criminal offences.

Without zero tolerance to corruption at all levels and a single minded determination to root out, arrest and convict criminals without any fear or favour the crime rate will continue to escalate to the detriment of the public.  

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