We have just celebrated the 75th Birthday of Goa’s relentless warrior Claude Alvares who along with his Soulmate Norma has been toiling tirelessly over the years in highlighting and dealing with issues concerning Goa’s environment and ecology.

The Goa Foundation led by them is a ray of hope for the coming generations who will now at least be able to see something that remains of Goa. Our Goa, which was once the Paradise of the East, now lies at crossroads for posterity. We owe it to Goa to strengthen the hands of persons like Claude, Norma and others who are attempting to save what remains of Goa from the ruthless land sharks and the corrupt politicians.

We all need to be very concerned about the air, water and sound pollution that is battering our little Goa. The wilful damage being inflicted on our environment and ecology is so very colossal. There is a dire need to stay united to save our state from any further destruction.  This week while we celebrated the 75th birthday of Goa’s Saviour it was also the 50th birthday of the person largely responsible for the mega mess that our State is embroiled in.

May we be always inspired and guided by those wise words of Mahatma Gandhi ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world. A small group of determined and like-minded people can change the course of history’. 

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