Ribandar may be part of Corporation of the City of Panaji but as far as overall development and basic amenities is concerned, we remain utterly neglected and in a decaying state despite the very high municipal taxes we pay. 

With the BSNL services for long already in shambles, now in a very retrograde move our Ribandar’s Post office has been shifted to Old Goa. This has created a lot of inconvenience to the residents of our densely populated locality who have to now travel five kilometres to avail the much needed postal facilities. The authorities should have been sensitive to the plight of the Senior Citizens in particular. Such apathy and insensitivity is appalling. The Postal authorities must act swiftly in restoring a Post office back in Ribandar by possibly finding a small premises in the Old Ribandar Hospital or at our Old Primary school. Let us hope that the local MLA and the three councillors will wake up and promptly intervene to ensure the residents of Ribandar get their postal services restored.  

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