The slanted decision by the Goa Government to celebrate Chief Minister Pramod Sawant’s 50th birthday on April 24th would be in rank contempt of our High Court’s order passed on 25th April 2001 in connection with birthday celebrations of politicians.

The High Court had come down heavily over the expenditure incurred on the advertisement released by the Goa Construction Housing and Finance Corporation on the birthday of MLA Isidore Fernandes who was then Chairman of that Corporation. The Court took cognizance of the advertisement and was of the opinion that the said advertisement could not have been issued at the cost of a Public Sector undertaking. The government gave an undertaking to the Court that no attempt will be made to project or benefit any individual at the cost of the public exchequer while issuing advertisements.  

It is unethical and unlawful to celebrate birthdays of any politician by using public funds and misusing governmental machinery for such private occasions, sometimes even camouflaging it as having been organised by the political party. It is appalling to see such blatant misuse of Power in contravention of law.

Our good wishes to Pramod Sawant on his 50th but let the show not go on at taxpayers’ expense. It is incumbent that the Chief Minister ensures this in leading by example.

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