It beggars belief that the Mormugao MLA Sankalp Amonkar has expressed concern that his constituency is full of ‘Bikaris’ (beggars) while offering no practical solutions to help. An admission of such poverty is a reflection of his own Government’s failures and its tragic consequences for the suffering public while those in power continue to milk and empty the state coffers.

Often poverty is relative as one man’s poverty may be another man’s riches. Those unscrupulous eight MLAs that defected in September last year, betraying God, their voters and all political ethics for the greed of the Rupee and lust for power probably now see others as Bikaris, having boosted their wealth overnight.

MLAs are meant to be role models. However, the constituents of Mormugao could not have a shoddier role model than their own MLA, who as one of those eight defectors, abandoned his principles and loyalty to his constituents and went with begging bowl in hand like a bikari to beg for even more riches and for the crumbs of power that may fall from the table of the BJP.

Many MLAs who have gone from rags to riches overnight see public office as an investment instead of a vocation. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others. Not everybody has the same opportunity as MLAs to be rich quickly no matter how! And many of the Bikaris are a vote bank for the MLAs. 

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