Now with a procedure in place to select the Chief Election Commissioner and Election Commissioners, it may be expedient that the nation reflects on and debates on the manner in which Governors are appointed and whether we need ornamental puppet Governors who needlessly burden the taxpayer.

Constitutionally the Governor possesses executive, legislative, financial and judicial powers. The role of the Governor is very important and essential for the healthy functioning of democracy. However, this post has sadly been reduced to becoming a retirement package for politicians. As a result people think that the post of the Governor is worthless and  just a financial burden on state governments even though technically the role of the Governor if exercised wisely and fairly for the benefit of the state and its people is very vital.

Governors should not be mere rubber stamps as they constitutionally have a major role to play in overseeing that the State is well administered in accordance with law. They should be appointed on merit as the Raj Bhavans cannot end up being shelter homes to rehabilitate the deadwood of the ruling political party. It is imperative that the Governors should be truly non-partisan at all times.

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