Quo vadis our beloved India? One is incensed with the developments and the entire manner in which a Court in Narendra Modi’s Gujarat conducted the case convicting Rahul Gandhi of defamation and the swift manner in which he was disqualified as a Member of Parliament by the Lok Sabha Secretariat. Could the Speaker of our Goa Assembly learn a lesson or two in dispensing justice speedily against the eight political defectors following the disqualification petition? Or is swift disqualification selectively and vindictively reserved for a chosen few?

All this has left more questions than answers that will intrigue our minds for a long time to come. This very outrageous saga is unacceptable in a democracy, more particularly in our’s that has been considered the world’s largest, although it is now looking only in name but not in practice.

Had this happened to a BJP member, our Nation would have been in flames. But Rahul Gandhi has nothing to worry as Justice and Truth will prevail with there still being some hope that the Judiciary will step in to undo this gross miscarriage of Justice by a Gujarat Court which was followed by an unprecedented order by the Lok Sabha Speaker who acted in rank contravention to the principles of natural Justice.

This whole preplanned plot by the BJP will infact boomerang on the saffron brigade which wanted democracy only while they were in the Opposition. Now while misruling the Nation they have ruptured the very guiding principles of our Indian Constitution. After having mutilated all the other fundamentals of a democracy, their final goal is to capture the Judiciary. But our India shall overcome and protect the independence of our Judiciary to ensure that our Courts are not subject to improper influence from other branches of Government.

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