Students need to be encouraged and motivated to read a lot without which they would not have the acumen and skills to be able to speak and write. All through school and up to the completion of our educational goal we must be tremendously blessed with very caring teachers who teach with hope, passion, motivation and a sense of direction.

Right from school, essay writing and public speaking should be the passion of every student. Our educators must always strive to make us multilingual. Our teachers must be our friends arming and empowering us with the required vocabulary to be able to converse with situations outside school and later college. Their relentless imparting of knowledge and lingual skills must give us that strength to empower us to speak even impromptu. For that our gratitude to our dear beloved teachers must never ever fade.

Great teachers can make a big difference on our future, for besides making a lasting impression in the classroom they can cast a positive influence on our lives. They unfailingly always play a role as friend, counselor and mentor.

We need to revere our Teachers, for their time and relentless effort in their noble profession to bring out the best in all their students. No words would ever suffice to express our gratitude.

As Henry Brooks Adams, historian and politician once observed ‘Teachers affect eternity. No one can tell where their influence stops’. Bill Gates accurately opined that ‘Technology is just a tool in terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, but that the teacher is the most important’.

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