While reflecting on the past, taking stock of the present and mapping out the future, thanks to everyone who has been part of my life’s roller coaster journey. Firstly, it is to all those who corrected me and put me back on the right track when I faulted and erred.

To all my dearest Teachers from nursery to Law College, many of whom are blessing me from their heavenly abode, my immense gratitude for all their patience in dealing with a challenging student that I always was. Thanks to the bureaucrats and government servants at all levels  who over the last fifty long years have all been so gracious to help my fellow people in need by resolving their grievances. Without that warmth and blessings of you all I would have been grounded in this voyage of life that I will always cherish.

Last, but by no means least, my immense gratitude to the one too many foes, who kept me alert and watchful from yet another attack. It has been a tough life, but enriching in experiences and success in the pursuit of justice and the truth for the common good, with everyday being a different one. Coping with these challenges has not been easy but my multitude of friends across the globe made that difference and my journey worthwhile.

The journey of life is not meant to be feared and always planned or worry about the potholes on the way, like on our roads. It is meant to be traveled and enjoyed with enthusiasm and gratitude and that is what we need to do with family, friends, foes and well-wishers alike.

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