We need to elect quality representatives who will function strictly within the Constitutional framework and uphold the Rule of Law at all times. It is imperative that they stringently operate within the parameters of law. In all their acts and deeds they are expected to discharge their responsibilities without fear or favour whatsoever. This is what is expected of them all

Safeguarding our environment should be their priority. There should be no attempt to shield, protect or encourage any unlawful act including illegal hill cutting or land-filling. Those we elect should never come to the rescue of anyone breaching any law. If the rule of law is strictly adhered to by all, Goa could evolve back as a better place.

Our roads and streets must become safer as the increase in crimes is a matter of concern. Despite the law being supposedly in place, noise and air pollution is going on blatantly with political patronage to the detriment of more particularly the Senior Citizens and students. There should be a concerted effort to eradicate the drug menace and the flourishing flesh trade which has sullied Goa’s image. Although the law prohibits hoardings along the national and state highways, the authorities seem to be conveniently looking the other way.  There has also been no compliance of the Supreme Court directive that religious structures mushrooming along the roads be removed. The unending spate of accidents has branded our once famed tourist destination now as a death trap.

Let us hope our elected representatives in unison will relentlessly strive to regain Goa’s glory. They all owe it to Goa.

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