It is deplorable that the ensuing Budget session of the Goa Legislative Assembly is again going to be a very brief one, a mere five days from March 27th to March 31st. A decorative exercise just to comply with the constitutional requirement that gap between the two sessions of legislature of the state cannot be more than six months.

The BJP whilst in the opposition vociferously demanded longer sessions and stalling the proceedings of the House was the order of the day. But now the sessions are being curtailed and the Opposition has to be at its best behavior.

We elect Legislators to debate issues concerning the people and to enact good laws. The Assembly is the democratic forum where elected representatives must hold debates on matters that affect the people. It should afford an opportunity for discussion on intricacies of government policy and to enact good new legislations. As any legislation that is enacted has far reaching effects on the State and its people, there must be a detailed and thorough debate on the pros and cons of every law that is contemplated. Curtailing debates and bulldozing legislations is very high handed and does not augur well in the framework of democracy.

The Legislative Assembly is a proper and appropriate forum for the MLAs to raise and debate issues concerning the public. Every session of the Legislative Assembly has to be meaningful and fruitful in the interest of the State and not merely a cosmetic exercise.

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