Goa Police is in the news again for the wrong reason. This time for the men in uniform allegedly involved in extortion.  Law enforcers must never be Law breakers, seriously damaging the Rule of Law and eroding trust that people should have in our Police force.

Such acts of improper behavior that we have been witnessing at all ranks within a force that should have been disciplined, only demonstrates that all is not well. There is a need to swiftly weed out with an iron hand the rotten apples from within the Police establishment to ensure its much needed credibility. Truthfulness must always be at the heart of policing and is fundamental to the public having genuine confidence and trust in their Police. Every Cop must be a dedicated public servant sworn to protect public safety at all times, upholding the law and never dare breaching it.

Steps must be taken to ensure a much disciplined police force. But this may be difficult to achieve as like all other government recruitment, many have found their way into the Goa Police either through political patronage or possibly by paying for the job. Integrity is the foundation of law enforcement, and anyone failing to display integrity and honesty in their dealings with others should never be part of any credible Police force at any level. 

The Mission Statement of Goa Police is to give people an efficient, law abiding and responsive law enforcement machinery. There must be absolute Zero Tolerance to any indiscipline and this discipline must flow down the ranks.

DGP Jaspal Singh must with a very heavy hand stem out the current chronic and day to day political interference in the working of the Goa Police. Only then can we hope to see a very professional police force and the much needed good policing. This has been the mandate of the Supreme Court while directing that the working of the Police should be free from any and all political machinations.

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