The recent ruckus at the St Xavier’s College in Mapusa is condemnable. As expected the law enforcement authorities bowing to political pressure conveniently dragged their feet. Unlike our good old College days, now the Student Council elections in the Colleges and University are fought in dirty political style, with patronage of Money and muscle Power by political parties. This is a step in the wrong direction and portends grave consequences. We have even witnessed candidates being kidnapped. Is this the way to prepare our future politicians? Is this conducive to harmony that must prevail in and around the educational campus?

With political parties having infiltrated the Temples of learning, it is hardly surprising that today, we do not see that rock solid student unity that Goa witnessed when the Student Power was a vibrant force to be reckoned with, being based on fact and conviction. It may now be too late to reverse the clock and sanitise the educational institutions from the political broth. Nonetheless an effort in this direction must persist in the best interests of the student community so that they are moulded in schools and colleges in the right perspective.

Having been closely associated with the very vibrant student movements in Goa witnessed in the 70’s and 80’s, it is extremely anguishing and very disheartening that the student activism today is virtually non-existent in the State. In our days students were known for having strong opinions and expressing them without fear. We demonstrated to the government that student power was a force to reckon with.

With Goa currently in dire straits, soaked in rampant corruption and mal Governance, the Student activism could provide a political, environmental, economic and much needed social change that our now sinking  Goa so desperately needs. 

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