It is outrageous that the BJP has dared to fool Goa and Goans even on the very crucial Mhadei issue. It comes as no surprise that the expected devious politrik has been exposed, so it’s imperative that Chief Minister Pramod Sawant apologizes to the people and gracefully puts in his papers. Pramod Sawant has failed not only on the Mhadei issue but on all fronts to govern the State which is being betrayed and steered astray.

In this political chicanery, for the BJP its party’s interests in Karnataka has overridden Goa’s welfare. It is absolutely shameful to witness the manner in which the Central Government has in an utterly devious manner betrayed the people of Goa.

Let it be our unyielding resolve that this battle for our Mhadei will be a do or die. There is a dire need to ensure that every precious drop of water is saved for the wellbeing of Goans as posterity would not forgive us if we don’t combat this so vital Mhadei battle and allow our lifeline to dry up with our ecology destroyed.

Now more than ever Mhadei is the one very critical issue that should be of greatest concern to every Goan. Our Goa is on its way to being parched and will be reduced to a desert on account of the government’s sheer treachery on the issue. After this Mhadei disaster we cannot trust the BJP any longer. They have been habitual in thriving on Lies and Deceit while fragmenting the Opposition through its Money Power along with intimidation of revenge and retribution.

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