As taxpayers money cannot be poured down the drain, any new project or proposal the Government plans to introduce should be well thought over and planned in keeping with the available infrastructure and feasibility. This is what should happen. The reality is different.

Over the last few years the Tourism Department amidst much euphoria introduced Hot air balloon, amphibian’s vehicle, helicopter ride, Hop on buses, Women taxis and other fantasies which all soon came a cropper. Those responsible for ushering in such projects should have been brought to book.

At Bambolim that very ill designed underpass near Goa Medical College is another casualty where the taxpayers have had to foot the bill. That the Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation (GSIDC) lacked technical experts is very evident as they have failed to work out that there would be flooding during the monsoon in absence of a proper drainage system and installation of hydraulic pumps. As a result the underpass turns into a swimming pool during the monsoons with neither the St Andre nor St Cruz MLAs having cared to speak out on the subject of this ill conceived underpass which is on the border of their assembly constituencies. Nobody knows why all those shops were built which have remained unused for years since the opening of that underpass.

The state of the roads across Goa also doesn’t seem to be the concern of the authorities. In the peak of this Tourism season, the roads across Anjuna and Vagator are very accident prone especially for two wheelers as driving on those potholed roads would land you in hospital with serious injuries. Driving along those roads makes you feel like passing through a mining zone with dust pollution galore. All this while those in Power are merrily snoozing and snoring in chauffeur driven vehicles.

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