Goa Speaker Ramesh Tawadkar should swiftly decide the disqualification petitions against those eight Congress MLAs who jumped into the BJP while betraying the party on whose platform and manifesto they stood, won, and swore allegiance to. They also betrayed the voters who had reposed faith in them to serve them according to the party pledges they made.

With the Supreme Court having directed that disqualification petitions should be decided within three months, the Speaker must act in accordance with the law and not demean his noble Office by being a ruling party stooge.

In 1992 a Constitutional bench of our Supreme Court reiterated extensively on the independence and impartiality of the Speaker’s post. But as we are yet to see a Speaker that is non-partisan, there is a need of setting up a permanent independent Authority to decide cases under the Anti-Defection law in a time bound manner. This will restore the much-needed morality and ethics in public life while deterring political prostitution.

These eight Congress MLAs who jumped ship for the lure of money and power have been kept languishing in political quarantine without any positions of Power. As even stray dogs are treated better, these eight political dacoits must face the consequences for defecting and more so for having made a mockery of God and the dead. They should infact be debarred from stepping into any religious shrines.   

People have had enough and are crying out for Integrity and justice in our politicians and political system. It is no wonder that people lose interest and faith in our political system and explains why we end up with low caliber politicians with even lower integrity and honesty!

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