Before making a sweeping statement that most crimes in Goa are committed by ‘outsiders’, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant should reflect and introspect within his own cabinet and the MLAs supporting his Government.

One accused of raping a minor girl is a Minister and the same Minister is also facing trial for a heinous crime against the State of having attacked the Panaji Police Station. Pramod Sawant also has as his Minister the main accused in the infamous Power Scam case, who ironically was booked on a complaint filed by the BJP itself. It is no secret that some prominently involved in land grabbing are now Cabinet Ministers and MLAs supporting this government. Even some of the eight who recently joined the BJP also have a gory criminal track record.

And if the Chief Minister knows that the ‘outsiders’ are indeed the cause of most crimes in Goa, what policy measures has his government taken to tackle the problem? When will the government open its eyes and realize that the Casino trade it is patronizing is very much linked to the soaring crime rate in our once peaceful state. So also is the drug trade and flourishing prostitution which is merrily going on while the law enforcers conveniently look the other way.

And is the Chief Minister not aware that politicians in Power depend on muscle power and move around with bouncers to survive and carry on their nefarious activities. So it’s time that the political class takes responsibility for the deteriorating law and order scenario rather than blaming it on ‘outsiders’. And Mr. Chief Minister, if your very ‘insiders’ stink of Crime, stop and think before you throw stones at others from the safety of your glass house.

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