It is a year since that unexpected and premature death of our dear Doctor Manjunath Desai. Goa lost an extremely rare and committed Doctor, for he was a tall pillar of strength and hope for the Cardiology unit which he was heading at the Goa Medical College at the time when he left us all shell shocked and heart broken.

He always upheld the values of the noble profession which, for him, was more of a dedicated mission, and was guided by the Hippocratic Oath at all times. He rendered medical care with humility and an extremely high level of empathy, forever putting the interest of patients first, never breaking their trust and confidence.

Over the years I had the occasion of seeking Dr Manjunath’s help for many of my patient friends with heart ailments. He was always so helpful in rendering the same level of commitment and care to every patient alike, unfailingly with a smile. Every one of his patients was always at ease.

Dr Manjunath left us at a young age but not without leaving behind a remarkable mark of an immense sense of passion in attending to ailing hearts. We all knew that he was unwell but never expected the end to come so soon.  But God charts our life’s path in His infinite wisdom. 

Even while himself being unwell, Dr Manjunath never failed in his task of saving lives. Our true tribute to that great and caring Doctor would be to show the same commitment and dedication in whatever is our profession. The gentle and always so kind hearted Dr Manjunath Desai remained our treasured Jewel. His memories will always be cherished and will never fade away.

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