The Special Investigation Team (SIT) set up to probe land-grabbing in the State is being politically controlled and manipulated by the Government. It has shied away from taking action against ruling Mandrem MLA Jit Arolkar who is accused of land-grabbing an area admeasuring 1, 48,800 sq. mtrs at Dhargal in Pernem Taluka owned by a Mapusa based 76 year old Senior Citizen. Despite an official complaint having been filed on 4th July, the SIT has been dragging its feet for over almost four months whilst trying to shield the Mandrem MLA. On 26th September the DGP had personally assured the Senior Citizen of action within 48 hours but a month has passed only proving that the political bosses are calling the shots.  

Jit Arolkar deceitfully created approx 200 plots in the property whilst illegally and fraudulently executing sale deeds selling the entire property. Despite the property being undivided with no partition of land or share carried out by any authority, by devious acts the accused Jit Arolkar in connivance with Revenue Department Officials managed to create a number of illegal mutation entries. The property is depicted as orchard land on the regional development plan and till date no conversion of land sanads have been issued by any authority or any conversion proceedings conducted. Jit Arolkar in gross violation of law with political patronage has illegally and unlawfully constructed tar roads connecting to the village road and installed electricity poles while no action has been taken by the authorities.

Jit Arolkar has also illegally created a number of small plots in the adjacent property owned by an elderly widow and merrily in defiance of law has similarly illegally and fraudulently sold them to various parties by executing similar devious sale deeds.

Ironically Jit Arolkar with all his proficiency in land grabbing has been rewarded by Chief Minister Pramod Sawant by being appointed as Chairman of Goa Housing Board. God Save Goa from such land vultures.

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