It may be too late to now salvage whatever remains of Goa, but we should not give up the battle. We need to do everything we can, as in life nothing is more important than our motherland. It is a priceless treasure worth fighting for regardless of the price and sacrifices that may have to be painfully endured.

Over the years we have entrusted in good faith the reigns of Goa in the hands of some deceitful political monsters who have today taken our beautiful State to the brink of economic, political and environmental disaster.

We need to create awareness amongst our brethren across the globe of the jeopardy our Goa finds itself sadly enveloped in. Our forefathers must have never foreseen that this would be the pathetic state of affairs in our once pristine Pearl of the East.

We can all now play a role in trying to at least halt the further destruction and devastation of Goa. Let us not shirk and shy away from this bounden responsibility that we owe to our land. Let us act with a firm resolve and relentlessly strive to do our little bit and carry no guilt.  An opportunity that may not return but will only come to haunt us for being mere spectators seeing the remains of our motherland being laid to rest.

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