It is so very outrageous and disheartening that Chief Minister Pramod Sawant chose to suddenly shunt off the Director of Vigilance Michael D’Souza just four months after he took over that vital and crucial position. One is bewildered and anguished at this, when the Chief Minister had himself proclaimed just a couple of days earlier that all government officials would have a mandatory term of at least three years.

This latest move by the Chief Minister leaves us to wonder if he is truly geared for honest and good governance or whether he wants to officially promote sleaze and corruption by axing and muzzling officers like Michael D’Souza who was in that vital position as a watchdog.

Officers should be given the freedom and liberty to act within the framework of law. But the power-obsessed BJP has proven that they are averse to the very fundamental principles of justice, democracy, secularism and fraternity that our great Constitution of India enshrines.

Is this inexplicable transfer of a widely respected Director of Vigilance and the recent sleazy political party hopping at a price further evidence of the BJP’s zero adherence to good governance and lack of integrity?

Let us not forget that the barometer on the credibility, honesty and sincerity of Government officers lies in the laboratory and archives of the Vigilance department.

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