The bluff by those defecting that they have done so for the development of their constituency has now been a convenient hoax that will fool no one. We all know too well that MLAs have been selfishly defecting for the lust of Power and greed of Money. For their own personal self-development indeed.

One does not have to be an MP, MLA, Panch or Councilor to serve the community. We have so many people silently working for their brethren without any Power or Position. There needs to be a selfless passion and commitment with perseverance to serve society with dedication. Elected office for some is today a personal investment, party hopping to the ruling party is a top up to their original investment.

We have been seeing these defections for long. But the recent betrayal by that gang of eight has triggered a massive public outrage as never seen before. They have stooped as low as it could get. That greed of these MLAs to deviously enrich themselves has left the public flabbergasted. For some of them, embracing the BJP was a safe route, a get out of jail card, rather than having the ED, IT and CBI knocking on their door. There was a time when politics was a noble profession. Our recent gang of 8 defecting MLAs have with their political prostitution replaced this view aligning their behavior with one of the world’s oldest professions.

If these eight political dacoits had any self respect remaining, they would have sought forgiveness from their voters by resigning as MLAs and gracefully vanishing from the political arena. But thick skinned as they are, they will shamelessly hang on only to learn the hard way and pay a huge price for their political betrayal and making a mockery of God Almighty!

Public office is a public trust. Publicly elected officials must always be accountable to the people, serve them with utmost responsibility and loyalty and efficiency and act with patriotism and justice.

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