Devils quoting the Holy Scriptures is old hat, a species that we had all heard of. But DEVILS seeking and getting God’s counsel and backing is a new breed altogether, emerging on the blessed soil of Goa.

Digambar Kamat — “our” Digu who seems to be in the direct line of evolution from Luciferus of the Dark Age — is a recently discovered specimen here. He claims to have spoken to God and was given the green signal to defect by Him.

Digambar is very much alive and kicking. Will this former Chief Minister please share with us the channels of communication or the phone number so that we all can also have an audience with the Almighty?  He, together with those seven other traitor MLAs, should realise that Goans are no fools and that God’s brunt will visit them for doing what they did.

Unfortunately the families of these eight murky Souls will also have to live with the curses of the voters who have been cheated and taken for a ride, and await Divine wrath. Thou shall not take God’ name in vain — certainly not to cover diabolic deals. God’s justice may not be long in coming.

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